"And the Lord said to Joshua: Behold, I have given you Jericho and its king, the mighty warriors." (Joshua 6; 2)

Statistical Data

  • The Jericho District Coordination and Liaison Administration stretches from Nachal Bezek in the north to the Dragot cliffs in the south.
  • The District's largest city is Jericho and it also contains 11 Palestinian villages. In addition, there are 3 Israeli regional councils (Megillot-Dead Sea, Jordan valley, Ma'ale Ephraim) and one settlement of the Matte Binyamin Regional Council (Mitzpe Yericho).


  • The city of Jericho is considered the oldest in the world and is mentioned many times in the bible.
  • The district contains the baptismal site where Christians believe Jesus was baptized and which is considered the third most important site in Christendom.
  • After the Six Day War, the area was subject to attacks by terrorists who crossed the Jordan River.
  • In 1994, after the signing of the "Gaza and Jericho First" Agreement, the city of Jericho was the first in Judea and Samaria to be transferred to Palestinian jurisdiction.
  • The Allenby (King Hussein) Bridge, located in the District is the central legal exit point overseas for Palestinians.

Unique Activity

  • The Coordination and Liaison Administration is responsible for coordinating the Christian ceremonies that are held at the baptismal site.
  • The Allenby (King Hussein) Bridge is the central exit point overseas for Palestinians. The Coordination and Liaison Administration assists, coordinates and leads government policy in all matters related to Palestinian and foreign passengers passing through this point. In addition, it is responsible for authorizing transfers of funds, commodities, ambulances etc.
  • The Coordination and Liaison Administration has a northern representation which is responsible for assisting the Palestinian population at the various surrounding checkpoints.
  • All the training schools and camps of the Palestinian security forces are concentrated in the area and therefore security coordination plays a significantly more central role compared with other Coordination and Liaison Administrations.

Arrival routes

  • Allenby (King Hussein) Bridge – international passageway between Israel and Jordan
  • Bezek Pass (Yellow Obstruction)
  • Dragot Pass (Metzuke Dragot area)

Access and Contact

The Coordination and Liaison Administration is located in the Vered Camp, south of the entrance to Jericho and near the Vered Yericho settlement.

Bus lines 961 or 486 to the Almog Junction and a shuttle from there to the Coordination and Liaison Administration


  • Telephone: 02-9703808/9
  • Fax: 02-9703810

Days and Hours of Operation

Sunday-Thursday between 8:00-16:30