Security Coordination

Security coordination between Israeli security forces and the security mechanisms of the Palestinian Authority is of high importance in maintaining order and quiet in the territories and preventing friction and outbreaks between Israelis and Palestinians.

External Relations and International Organizations

Numerous international organizations operate throughout the West Bank and the Gaza Strip (e.g. UN agencies, governmental aid agencies and international NGOs) and serve as a central component in conserving and promoting the normal livelihood of the Palestinian population.


The COGAT Infrastructure network is charged with managing, promoting and coordinating all infrastructure-related issues vis-à-vis Israeli authorities, PA authorities and representatives of the international community with the aim of promoting infrastructure projects and better addressing water-, sewage-, communications- and energy-related issues.


The COGAT economics operation is charged with collecting and analyzing economic information and formulating an overview concerning the economic situation in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

Consultant for Palestinian Affairs

Officers that are part of the advisory operation for Palestinians Affairs are charged with formulating an overview and the state of mind pertaining to civilian affairs (social, political and economic) as well as identifying the various trends and locating changes in the Palestinian arena in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

Operations Branch

Along with its routine activities the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT) operates in a contiguous and on-going manner to improve its emergency preparedness.


The movement of people and goods between Israel, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip is executed through overland crossings spread throughout these areas. The majority of crossings are operated by the Overland Crossings Authority at the Ministry of Defense. Crossing activity are coordinated and approved by COGAT authorities, through DCL Gaza and the Civil Administration in West Bank and its subordinate DCL offices in the field.

Staff Officers

The COGAT Press Secretary is responsible for the unit's media and informational activities.

Press Secretary

The COGAT Press Secretary is responsible for the unit's media and informational activities.


Coordination and Liaison training takes place at the unit's School for Coordination and Liaison Affairs, in the framework of which soldiers, NCOs and officers are trained in the various activities undertaken by the unit such as coordinating with the Palestinian population and the international community, infrastructures and security coordination.